Reliable supplies

We are always here to supply our customers with the promised quality they need. Thanks to our wide operating and reliable logistics chain and partner relationship all around Europe and world.

Every material has a solution

Every kind of material our customers offer has a solution in our service range.

Close to customers

Thanks to our partners all over Europe we are always very close to our customers. We are never far from our customers thanks to our Europe-wide network of business locations. What’s more, each customer has their own dedicated TSR adviser.

Nature friendly

By recovering all the components of Li-Ion batteries, we help the economy of world, and keep the nature clean for next generations. With our solutions other industries who need to use the relevant components lower their costs spent on purchasing raw material.

Highest value to our customers

All of our customers are equally important to us and we know what is good for them. We offer the best financial and satisfactory solutions for today and also for the future.

Fastest payments

All our business is completely built on trust. Our prices are completely inline with the market prices and we ensure that all the payments are always done right on time. Because we value our customers business too.